The Tampa Club is a welcoming and inclusive club operating since 1981 as a private business and social Club benefiting members with fine dining and personalized service. The Club seeks to provide an atmosphere welcoming of the diverse representations of success and the progress of our community’s culture. It conducts itself and its business to foster prestige and respect. The Tampa Club membership consists of senior-level executives, creatives, entrepreneurs, and military, civic, and community leaders. Membership is by invitation. We are an extension of your office, where your workday can continue seamlessly, or a retreat - a place to entertain, enjoy, and rejuvenate.



Resident members are those ages 40 and over who reside and/or work in the Tampa Bay area. Five unaccompanied guest passes per year.


Intermediate members are those under 39 years old. Plus, $30 food credit monthly for one year.


For active-duty servicemen and women and retired veterans.


The membership is assigned to the individuals of the same organization. Minimum three memberships activated. Membership is transferable.


A limited number of memberships are available each year. All monthly base dues are included for the lifetime of a member. May be transferred to an immediate family member once in the lifetime of the membership.


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